Friday, June 20, 2014

Quiet Company

Graduate Exhibition - 2014

These bones are traces of people who influence us, our family friends and ancestors. 
They range subtly in form, tone and texture; depicting the diversity of people who have an impact on our lives. 
Experience has worn lace cavities into certain bones, revealing delicate internal structures. 
Some are rugged suggesting the strength of our encounters with other people. 

I hand modeled the original bones in clay. I then made plaster casts of these bones, 
allowing me to create multiples. I slip cast some bones using Bone China and Bismum;
while I made others from press moulds using Porcelain, White Saint Thomas and Buff clays.

These bones form a nurturing nest environment – a collection of who we believe we are. 
Inspired by Sunbirds and Weaver birds, both known for their complex type of nest building. 
Their nests hang in what appear to be precarious positions, 
often hung from the tip of a branch or leaf, or suspended between two twigs. 

This nest of bones is suspended from the very structure of the domestic setting, 
placing the complexities of our past influences and genetic ties in our current lives. 
While we may not have known our ancestors and memories of past loved ones may have faded, 
we often protect these elements of ourselves and remember what we choose. 
The atmosphere and presence of events and people who have gone before remain suspended 
and very carefully connected to the structure and memory of the home.


I am interested in what we take from our past, what influences us from our surroundings 
and how we carry these things into our current lives. 
These bones are remnants of the people we love - the nest is an element of ourselves.


See The Future // NCAD Graduate Exhibition // 100 Thomas Street, Dublin 8 // 13th-22nd June

I am delighted to have also been invited to exhibit this work in 

Sculpture In Context // National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9 // 4th September - 17th October

Friday, June 13, 2014

Future Maker

I was chuffed to have won a Future Makers award from the Design and Craft Council of Ireland (DCCoI) earlier this year.