Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So Tame My Flesh

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Artist Statement

These bones are a canvas for the conscious. Some are stained by experiences, others dyed by the colours of thoughts. 
Each pile of bones tells a simple story of a different conscious state. They reflect a fascination with the human psyche, by what is underneath the surface; the worlds inside people.
This body of work is inspired by the influence we have on each others identity. Exploring the concept that we leave pieces of ourselves behind us wherever we go, and that each individual is a combined energy of many of the people they have known. When someone leaves a piece of themselves with you, how does this affect your spirit?
It is important that this remains a childish notion to mirror a time during which a soul is moulded, often by many different hands. I like that for a child fiction and reality easily blur. What appear as fragility or faults on the bone surfaces root this fictional idea in reality.

Exhibition // Gallery Zozimus, 56 Francis Street, Dublin 8 // June 27th - July 7th 2013

Earthenware Ceramic Bones: made by me
Location Photoshoot: Myself and Tony

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